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On this page, you can view our price list. All products are listed by category, including the Installments, Style, & Chemical.  

***Installments do not Include hair, refer to the Bundle Deal Page for hair + installs ***

**Box Braids, Senegalese Twist, Microbraids, and Cornrows Include Hair in Prices**  

Pre-Installment Services

Hot Oil/Deep Conditioner

Wash and Blow Dry

Trim Ends


















Partial Sew In w/Hair Left Out

Full Installation w/No Hair Out

Versatile/Full Perimeter Out

Full Installation w/Closure

Full Install w/Frontal

Full Install w/360 Frontal

Vixen / S Way Part

Tape-In Installation

Quick Weave

Add Track w/braid

Add Track to existing install

3rd & 4th Bundle Install

Installment Services

Tack Down Track Corners

Wash Blow Dry & Light Style

(Natural Hair)

Install Maintenance

(Wash, Blow Dry, Light Style Only)



Cut Extensions

Pin Curls

Short Hair Cut and Styled

Post-Installment Services










Cornrow w/ Natural Hair

Cornrow w/ Braiding Hair

Flat Twist vv/Natural Hair

Flat Twist w/Braiding Hair


Box Braids w/ Natural Hair

Box Braids w/ Braiding Hair

Twist w/ Natural Hair

Twist w/ Marley Hair

Senegalese Twist


Faux Locs

$45 & up

$60 & up

$45 & up

$60 & up

$115 & up

$55 & up

$160 & up

$55 & up

$160 & up

$160 & up

$170 & up

$180 & up

Braids & Crochet

Color & Relaxers









Ombre Bundle

Color Full Bundle

Full Virgin Relaxer

Full Touch Up Relaxer

Partial Relaxer Halo

Rinse or Semi-permanent Color

Leave Out Relaxer

Leave Out Rinse

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Private Room available at no cost

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